I am a member of the cryptography team in the French cybersecurity agency (ANSSI). My favorite research area is post-quantum cryptography with a particular focus on lattice-based cryptography.

Email: first.last@ssi.gouv.fr [GPG Public key]
Address: Tour Mercure, 31 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France


I obtained my PhD degree in September 2020. I was part of ENS Paris crypto team under the supervision of Michel Abdalla (ENS) and Henri Gilbert (ANSSI). The majority of my PhD has been funded with an industrial grant from Thales.

Before the PhD, I had the chance to work for Rambus Cryptography Research in San Francisco.
And before that, I studied in Telecom Paris engineering school and made a double degree with the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science where I interned with Thales crypto team [internship report] [slides]. For other professional things, here is my LinkedIn.


I have been very fortunate to receive recognition through scholarships and awards over the past few years. I am particularly thankful to my engineering school Telecom Paristech and its foundation Mines-Telecom. I also thank CHES Challenge 2016 organizers for offering me the chance to play with state of the art cryptanalysis hardware. Thanks’ to Google’s WomenTechmakers for offering a scholarship. I am also very grateful to L’Oréal-UNESCO foundation for awarding me a young talent prize.